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How to use the Category and Manufacturer Filters

There are two Filters and one Sort Method.

The first Filter is an Entity Filter: This means depending on what section your in you get a filter for either Category or If your in a "Manufacturer View" Like Zebra, you get a Category filter (Dropdown Box).

The opposite is true if you are in a "Category View"Like "Printers", you get a Manufacturer Filter (Dropdown Box).

The Second Filter is an Exact Match keyword Filter:
This filter is a free form filter that looks for the word (Exactly as you type it) in the description, name or Sku fields, etc of a Product.

In other words you can type in a part number/sku or a descriptive word etc to filter the available products by that word.

The Sort Method (Sort By:) drop down: Allows you to sort the items in the page  (whether filtered or unfiltered) by a variety of methods including, price, low to high, high to low, alphabetical, popularity, etc.

How to Clear the Filters:
To Clear the filters simply select a New Category or Manufacturer or in the case of the keyword filter, delete the word in the field and hit the filter button again.